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Title: Ph.D.

Status 1: Researcher (CR1, CEA)

Address :
University of Bordeaux, PAC Carreire, 146 Rue Léo-Saignat, Case 71, CS 61292, 33076 Bordeaux, FRANCE
Phone : +33 5 47 30 44 02
Email :

Date of birth: November 8th, 1967

Degrees :

  • 2006: Habilitation Thesis, Caen University
  • 1997: PhD in Bioengineering, Paris 12 University
  • 1992: Prelim’s in Bioengineering, Paris 12 University
  • 1991: Master’s degree in physical science and applications, Paris 7 University

Career :
November 1992 – June 1997:
PhD thesis in the Neurofunctional Imaging Group (director Pr. Bernard Mazoyer) – Detection and localization of cerebral activated areas using positron emission tomography.
July 1997 - November 1998:
Post-doctoral fellow in the Neurofunctional Imaging Group. EU program – "European Computerized Human Brain Database, Per Roland coordinator. Karolinska Institute, Sweden".
Since December 1998:
Researcher in the Neurofunctional Imaging Group (director Pr. Bernard Mazoyer), UMR5296 CEA-CNRS-Bordeaux University.

Current Research topics:

My research theme focuses on the anatomical basis of brain organization in humans and in particular on the study of the neuroanatomy of hemispheric specialization and brain anatomy of aging. I address these questions by exploiting polymorphic databases, obtained in thousands of elderly and young subjects, including demographic, biological, genetic, psychometric and neuroanatomical datasets. The use of powerful and convenient method such as Voxel-Based Morphometry coupled with population studies is a powerful approach to quantify the impact of the determinants of brain organization (volume, asymmetries, relationships with genetic polymorphisms and cognitive). In a first step, the EVA and 3C databases (850 and 3500 subjects over 65 respectively), allowed me to better characterize the effects of age, sex and the ApoE gene polymorphism on the neuroanatomical bases of aging in the elderly. In a second step, this generic approach has been used to analyse two databases acquired in the young, (274 and 300 subjects from 18 to 50 years respectively) to study the relationship between manual skills and anatomical lateralization of motor networks, the differences in anatomical organization between right-handed and left-handed subjects, the impact of familial sinistrality on brain asymmetries and on the markers of hemispheric specialization for language.

Publications (since 2007):

At October 1st, 2012: Total of 50 scientific publications in English journals (Nature Genetic, Nature Neuroscience, Neurology, Cerebral Cortex, NeuroImage, Human Brain Mapping,...). Mean Impact factor = 6.12

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