Scientific collaborators


Acquisition of GIN imaging data is carried out on the BIOmedical Imaging platform UMS3767 CNRS – University of Bordeaux, directed by Sylvain Miraux.

This platform provides the scientific, academic and industrial community with biomedical imaging equipment at the Bordeaux site.




And we collaborate with many labs around the world …


City (Country)
On-going project
Bordeaux (F) Bordeaux University Institut des Maladies Neurodégénratives T Boraud / W Meissner CoMoNIRS
Bordeaux (F) Bordeaux University Institut des Maladies Neurodégénratives F Alexande / T Boraud MIMACORE
Bordeaux (F) Bordeaux University Bordeaux Population Health center S Debette / C Tzourio MRi-Share / WAIMEA
Bordeaux (F) Bordeaux University Laboratoire PACEA F d’Errico ArcheoNeuro
Bordeaux (F) Bordeaux University Laboratoire PACEA Y Heuzé CocaFEV
Bordeaux (F) Bordeaux University Résonance Magnétique des Systèmes Biologiques AK Bouzier / S Miraux MIMACORE
Compiègne (F) Compiègne Technological University Laboratoire Roberval B Eynard / A Durupt Deep learning
Paris (F) CADESIS company Division R&D P Boutinaud Ginesis Lab
Paris (F) Paris 6 University Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle M Thiébaut de Schotten Hemispheric specialization
Geneva (CH) University of Geneva Brain and Language Laboratory N Golestani / D Marie Hemispheric specialization
Leipzig (D) Max Planck Society Max Planck Institute for Cognitive Sciences PL Bazin / A Villringer WAIMEA
Nijmegen (NL) Max Planck Society Max Planck Institute for Neurolinguistics C Francks MULTILATERAL
Amsterdam (NL) University of Amsterdam Spinoza Center for Brain Imaging PL Bazin WAIMEA
Bangor (UK) Bangor University Department of Psychology D Carey Hemispheric specialization
San Sebastian (SP) Basque Center for Brain & Language Basque Center for Brain & Language M Carreiras MULTILATERAL
Ghent (B) Ghent University Faculty of Psychological and Pedagogical sciences D Marinazzo Hemispheric specialization
Trento (I) University of Trento Department of Neurosurgery S Sarubbo Connectivity
Montreal (CAN) Montreal Neurological Institute Brain Imaging Center A Evans ICBM consortium
Sherbrooke (CAN) Sherbrooke University Connectivity Imaging Laboratory M Descoteaux AXYOM
Los Angeles (USA) University of California Los Angeles Laboratory of Neuroimaging J Mazziotta ICBM consortium
Los Angeles (USA) University of Southern California Imaging Genetics Center P Thompson ENIGMA consortium
Boston (USA) Boston University Department of Neurology S Seshadri CHARGE consortium
Beijing (CN) Peking Union Medical College Department of Neurology Y Zhu WAIMEA
Beijing (CN) Beijing Normal University Department of Information Technology X Wang / Z Wu Vessel segmentation
Kyoto (JPN) Kyoto University Center for Genomic Medicine F Matsuda Nagahama cohort