An automated anatomical parcellation of the spatially normalized single-subject high-resolution T1 volume provided by the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and an alternative parcellation of the orbitofrontal cortex (AAL2), the anterior cingulate, the thalamus, with the addition of some brain nuclei (AAL3).



AAL 3: New version of anterior cingulate, thalamus and brain nuclei (nucleus accumbens, substantia nigra, ventral tegmental area, red nucleus, locus coeruleus, and raphe nuclei), released on the 30th of August 2019 :
SPM12 version of aal3 software : aal3_for_SPM12.tar.gz

AAL 2: New version of orbital frontal cortex parcelation, released on the 27th of August 2015 :
SPM12 version of aal2 software : aal2_for_SPM12.tar.gz

AAL: New version, released on the 10th of July 2018 :
SPM12 version of aal software : aal_for_SPM12.zip
SPM8 version of aal software : aal_for_SPM8.zip
SPM5 version of aal software : aal_for_SPM5.zip
SPM2 version of aal software : aal_for_SPM2.zip
SPM99 version of aal software : aal_for_SPM99.zip


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