Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurent is a data scientist.

Alexandre studied applied mathematics and obtained a Master’s degree in Statistical and Stochastic Modeling in 2012. Having a strong interest in programming, he has the ideal job profile to carry out the development of algorithms and computer software and statistics. He joined the GIN in January 2016. His first project focused on predicting hemispheric language specialization from functional data as well as resting-state data using Support Vector Machine. This resulted in a friendly-user program that allows the model to be easily launched on a distributed computing infrastructure such as the MCIA. After this and after a few weeks to manage the quality control and maintenance of the MRi-Share database acquisitions, he found himself involved in the WAIMEA project. The purpose of this project is to investigate brain anomalies such as white matter hyperintensities or dilated perivascular spaces that are potential early markers for late-life neurological disorders. To organize their collection and measurements, we need an automated procedure. The WAIMEA project aims to develop an algorithm for the automatic detection of these white matter anomalies.

Scientific domains : programming, python, classification, Support Vector Machine, hyperintensities, development, Virshow Robin