Stephanie J Forkel, PhD

Stephanie Forkel is a post-doctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience

My research focusses on mapping inter-individual variability in brain structure and function and their impact on cognition and clinical symptoms in neurological and psychiatric patient populations.

I am an associate editor for Cortex and a reviewer for over 20 journals and several funding agencies (i ncl. ERC StG, MRC). Early on in my career, I had the great honor of contributing to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting for Medicine or Physiology and the German Scholar Organization Leadership Academy. I received the top10 Young scientist award / Academics “Nachwuchspreis”  which is acknowledging dedicated and talented young researchers for outstanding contributions to science and science communication.

Beyond my academic endeavors, I contribute to a plethora of public engagement projects. I have a colorful portfolio of experiences, including broadcasting, storytelling. I have previously worked with the  BBCSueddeutsche Zeitung , the  Science Gallery LondonPint of Science , and  Native Scientists . Also, I won a Wellcome Trust Image award . I published an interview with the  Nobel Laureate  Professor Elizabeth Blackburn in honor of International Women’s Day. A personal endeavor of mine is the use of  3D printing for science .

Areas of expertise: cognition, connectivity, diffusion imaging, tractography, connectional anatomy, variability, hemispheric specialization