Stephanie J Forkel, PhD

Stephanie Forkel is a CNRS Researcher in Neuroscience and Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow at the University of Bordeaux and holds a visiting Senior Lecturership at King’s College London.

My research focuses on neurovariability and its impact on cognition in health and disease. To map interindividual variability as a biomarker, I use advanced neuroimaging methods to understand what we all share and what makes us unique – an understanding that will change the way we approach diagnostics of disorders and improve personalised neuroscience.

I am on the editorial board at Cortex (since 2017) and Brain Structure and Function (since 2021) and review for diverse journals, including Nature Communications and Brain (>200 reviews), and several global funding agencies, including the ERC, NWO, and Wellcome Trust. I was invited as book section editor for Human Neuroanatomy for the forthcoming Encyclopaedia of the Human Brain (Elsevier, Eds. Grafman). Early on in my career, I had the great honor of contributing to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting for Medicine or Physiology and the German Scholar Organization Leadership Academy. I received the top10 Young scientist award (Academics Nachwuchspreis) in 2019 and 2020, which is acknowledging dedicated and talented young researchers for outstanding contributions to science and science communication.

Beyond my academic endeavors, I contribute to a plethora of public engagement projects. I have a colorful portfolio of experiences, including broadcasting, storytelling. I have previously worked with the  BBCSueddeutsche Zeitung , the  Science Gallery LondonPint of Science , and  Native Scientists . Also, I won a Wellcome Trust Image award . I published an interview with the  Nobel Laureate  Professor Elizabeth Blackburn in honor of International Women’s Day. A personal endeavor of mine is the use of  3D printing for science .

Areas of expertise: cognition, connectivity, diffusion imaging, tractography, connectional anatomy, variability, hemispheric specialization