Fabrice Crivello, PhD

Fabrice Crivello is research director at the CEA. His works are at the interface between methodology in neuroimaging and research in cognitive neuroimaging and neuroepidemiology.

Following university studies in signal and image processing, he joined the GIN in October 1993. Within the Frédéric Joliot hospital department in Orsay, he obtained a PhD in biological and medical engineering on the detection and localization of cerebral activations with positron emission tomography. At the Cyceron center in Caen, he completed a post-doctoral internship in the context of the “European Computerized Human Brain Database” program aiming at building a multi-scale and multi-modality cerebral imaging database.
In December 1998, he was recruited as a research officer at the Atomic Energy Commission and obtained his authorization to conduct research in March 2006. Since July 2011 he has been assigned to Bordeaux, where, he and the GIN, have joined the IMN in January 2016.
His research is structured along two complementary axes. The first concerns the development, implementation and distribution of automated procedures dedicated to the extraction of structural cerebral phenotypes (volume or cortical thickness for example). The second one concerns the study of these structural phenotypes in the context of the exploitation of large cerebral imaging cohorts in order to : 1° characterize cerebral anatomical asymmetries, their factors of variability and their genetic determinants (FLAG-ERA MULTILATERAL project); 2° map the maturation and aging of cerebral anatomy. He is co-author of 73 scientific publications.

Scientific domains : neuroimagery, statistical neuroanatomy, brain morphometry