The BIL&GIN database is a unique database including a high number of left-handers designed for investigating the cognitive, behavioral, genetic, and brain morphological/functional correlates of hemispheric specialization.

For instance, the BIL&GIN made it possible to revisit the old notions about the brain of left-handed people.

The database contains records from a sample of 453 adult participants enriched in left-handers (45%, N=205) as compared to the general population. For each subject, socio-demographic data, hand and eye laterality, family handedness, and cognitive abilities in the language, motor, visuo-spatial, and numerical domains have been recorded. T1-MRI and DTI data were also acquired, as well as resting-state functional MRI.

Taskevoked functional MRI was performed in a sub-sample of 303 subjects (157 left-handers) using a customized functional battery of 16 cognitive tasks exploring the same three cognitive domains. Performances at the tasks executed in the magnet as well as postacquisition debriefing were recorded. A saliva sample was obtained from the subjects of this sub-sample from which DNA was extracted.

The BIL&GIN contains results of imaging data processing for each subject, namely maps of tissue (GM, WM, CSF) probability, cortical thickness, cortical surface, and diffusion parameters as well as regional values of these phenotypes for regions of both the AAL atlas and FreeSurfer parcellations. For the subjects who underwent FMRI, individual SPM contrast maps for each of the 8 runs were also calculated and included in the database, as well as corresponding BOLD variations in ROIs of the AAL and AICHA atlases, and Wilke’s hemispheric functional lateralization index.

The BIL&GIN data sharing is based on a collaborative model.
Software GINdb registered n°IDDN.FR.001.050019.000.S.P.2012.000.31235

Original references

BIL&GIN: A neuroimaging, cognitive, behavioral, and genetic database for the study of human brain lateralization. Mazoyer, B., Mellet, E., Perchey, G., Zago, L., Crivello, F., Jobard, G., Delcroix, N., Vigneau, M., Leroux, G., Petit, L., et al. (2016). NeuroImage 124, 1225–1231.


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