(SENtence Supramodal Areas AtlaS) is a brain atlas of cortical areas of language integration.

Locations of the 32 hROIs co-leftward activated and co-left- ward asymmetrical during the completion of 3 sentence minus word- list tasks by 144 healthy right-handers and corresponding networks after hROI clustering based on resting-state connectivity. A) Left lateral view of 3D surfaces rendering the 32 hROIs. B) Representation of hROIs on left hemisphere axial slices from the BIL&GIN display template; the hROI numbers correspond to the z-axis in the MNI space. C) Lateral and medial views of the three identified networks. SENT_CORE network: red, SENT_MEM: light blue and SENT_VISU: green.

32 multimodal areas of sentence processing activated and leftward asymmetrical during sentence production, reading and listening were identified by comparison with a reference task (word list production, reading and listening). The temporal correlations at rest between these 32 regions made it possible to detect their belonging to 3 networks. Among these networks, one, including 18 regions, contains the essential language areas (SENT_CORE network), i.e. those whose lesion would cause an alteration in the understanding of speech.


SENSAAS (March 2019):

Original reference

L. Labache, M. Joliot, J. Saracco, G. Jobard, I. Hesling, L. Zago, E. Mellet, L. Petit, F. Crivello, B. Mazoyer, Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer, (2018) A SENtence Supramodal Areas AtlaS (SENSAAS) based on multiple task-induced activation mapping and graph analysis of intrinsic connectivity in 144 healthy right-handers. Brain Structure and Function, p. 1-24. 10.1007/s00429-018-1810-2