Gaël Jobard, PhD

Gaël Jobard is an associate professor in cognitive psychology, specialised in the study of the neural bases of reading.

After a PhD in psychology, he accomplishes a post-doctoral fellowship in the ‘Object perception Lab’ led by I. Gauthier in Vanderbilt University (USA). He becomes assistant professor in cognitive psychology in Caen University in 2005 and joins the Neurofonctional Imaging Group (GIN). Since July 2011, he is an associate professor appointed in Bordeaux university where, together with the GIN, he joins the Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases (IMN) in january 2016.

His research focuses on the variability and functional lateralization of brain networks involved in reading. One of his particular interests concerns the links existing between this cognitive activity and other domains  such as phonology or visual recognition.

Scientific domains : cognitive neuroimaging, psycholinguistics, reading, hemispheric specialisation